Center for Bioresource and Field Science 

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Center for Bioresource and Field Science (CBFS) consists of theree research fields: Applied Entomology, Applied Botany, and Bioresource Utilization.

Applied Entomology Laboratory conducts education and research in basic and applied entomology, focusing on resource production and integrated pest control using useful insects.

Applied Botany Laboratory conducts educational research on the ecology and cultivation of resource plants, environmental conservation, and cyclical usage.

Based on the above, Bioresource Utilization  conduct researches aimed at developing effective knowledge, biological materials, and methods for the production and utilization of useful resource organisms.

Our goal is “a balanced awareness of issues related to the interaction between people, resource organisms, and the environment in the 21st century.

To this end, we have established undergraduate courses (including experiments, practical training, and seminars) and graduate courses. In addition, undergraduate students are assigned to a research field from the second half of their third year, and through practical research activities including field work, they acquire the basic knowledge and experience necessary for problem solving. Undergraduate and graduate students assigned to each research field work on their respective research themes, and their research results are presented and reported at academic conferences in related fields.